The Corruption and Lies of the Roman Catholic Church





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The Corruption and Lies of the Roman Catholic Church

Rafael Rodríguez Guillén

Mockery, lies, jeers, hypocrisy, shamelessness, bad taste, disrespect, lack of education, etc, have taken hold of society and changed it into scum.  Human, Christian, cultural, scientific, and philosophical values have all been distorted.  Two-facedness and the false moneda have appeared and are distroying legitimate Christian, human and divine values, which have been shamelessly changed and, as a hair pulling insult, the lie is changed into the blessed truth.  I am dedicated to deciphering the puzzle of Catholicism and her intrigues and maze, and I have been able to perceive with clarity that 95% of all the situations I’ve suffered in my life by wanting to be a good Christian and human being, and trying to help society, have not produced the desired effect 95% of the time.  I wasted my time!  I was trying to help a lost cause.  I was a good philanthropist but not a good Christian, and I confused the social with the religious, human kindness and love toward my neighbor with my love toward God: a Christian (Catholic or Protestant) in name only, and not really a converted Christian acting with spiritual conviction.  All these mockeries, jeers, and lies originate from National Catholicism and its political, religious, educational, and economical laws, which corrupted and converted into Mafias, are used by the news medias, and everything else within reach to present the lie as the truth, the immoral as the moral, the scholastic ethic as the scienific, and a false Christ and pseudochristianity.


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