Balanced Christian Life

Balanced Christian Life


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"Ephraim is a cake not turned." (Hosea 7.8). This is a figurative way of saying "not balanced". The cake is burned on the one side, uncooked on the other; on one side it is overdone, on the other, totally undone. The cake is unfit to be eaten and is thus destined to be cast out. Our God is most balanced. He is love and he is light. Our Lord Jesus is full of grace and full of truth. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of wisdom as well as of revelation.

In this audiobook, Watchman Nee attempts to show from God's word the perfect equilibrium of divine truth. Human nature, however, is prone to emphasize one side to the exclusion of the other side of truth. This has caused much confusion and many problems among God's people. It is essential that we know the balance of truth and hold on to both sides so that our Christian life may be well rounded as God has ordained. This audiobook opens with a treatment of the balance between the gate and the way, continues with a presentation of the balance between the objective and the subjective, includes a discussion on the work inward and the work outward in the Christian life, as well as on the rest given and the rest found as promised by Christ, contemplates the other side of prayer frequently neglected, namely, to watch, and concentrates on the other less emphasized aspect of the trespass-offering, that of restoration. The audiobook then provides a commentary on the contrast between the truly meek and the spiritually poor, and finally concludes with a consideration of the equilibrium that is so necessary between the believer's faith and the believer's walk. May all who listen to this volume be brought into a balanced Christian life.


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