Dream Big and Set SMART Goals

In a previous post, I discussed 8 Steps for Making Progress. One of the steps I discussed briefly, was goal setting. In this post, I will elaborate on this, with an excerpt from my book, How to Plan and Improve Your Life: A Guide for Success. If you want to make more progress in life, in addition to putting God first, you can dream big, set SMART goals, and work to achieve them.

“We all want to accomplish things in our lives. They can be as simple as walking one mile for the first time or more involved, such as starting your own business. Many of us dream of being, doing, having, experiencing, or sharing something special that will make our lives more meaningful and enjoyable. Dreams are great to have, but when you dream, make it a big dream – one that will motivate you to take action to achieve it, thereby turning it into a goal. It’s free to dream and sometimes our dreams materialize even without us taking any action. However, if you are serious about your dreams, take action – turn them into goals and work to achieve them.

You can set any goal you want for various areas of your life. When you set your goals, set SMART goals that excite you. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Specify what you want and be very clear about it because you may get it. For example, don’t just say you want a car. Specify the kind of car you want. You can state the brand, color, size, and other details and if you want a new car, state that also. Make your goals measurable so you can monitor your progress and celebrate when you achieve them. Your goals should also be what you believe you can achieve. Set big goals that you believe you can achieve with the help of God and others….

When you set goals, make them your goals and not what others want for you. Make them relevant to you and your life with useful things that you will enjoy. Plan to achieve your goals within a certain timeframe. You can also put an exact date on them, but they must at least be time-bound so you have an idea of when you want to accomplish them by.

Set goals that excite you so that you will be motivated to work to achieve them, persevere despite the challenges you may face, and be happy when you accomplish them. You should look forward to working on your goals regularly. When you set your SMART goals, you must also have reasons why you want to achieve them. Reasons are powerful and will motivate you to achieve your goals even more. Write down your goals, take action to accomplish them and hold yourself accountable.

When you set your goals you can also use a vision board and put photos of what you want on it. You can compose a song about your goals or find one and sing it regularly. You can also make a short video about your goals and look at it often. Whatever you do, visualize your goals often, especially in the morning and before you go to bed at night so you can impress them on your subconscious mind. This can help you achieve your goals faster. See yourself as having already achieved your goals and thank God for them. You must have faith to achieve your goals – faith in God and in your ability to work with God and others to achieve them. Remember however, that faith without works is dead (James. 2:17).

Prepare an action plan for achieving your goals or an outline of the things you have to do with the timeframes for doing them. Do them as soon as you can or when you say you will do them. You must take action and when you do, enjoy the journey to achieving your goals and the achievement of your goals. Setting and achieving SMART exciting goals challenges us, motivates us, gives us a sense of satisfaction, and helps us enjoy our lives more.”

What about you?

I have accomplished many of the SMART goals I set for myself with the help of God and others. What about you? If you haven’t already set your goals for this year, please take some time to do so. You can set spiritual goals, such as reading the Bible daily, attending church service weekly, or developing a closer relationship with God. You can set goals for any and every area of your life. And now, what will you do?


How to Plan and Improve Your Life: A Guide for Success is my gift to you and you can download it immediately when you join the Christian Progress Circle. Use it as a guide in setting your goals and making more progress in your life. You can also read my other book, Transform Your Life: 7 Steps to a Better Life which will help you even more.

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