Focus More on Love

Our lives can be so much better if we focus more on love – for God, ourselves, and others.  God loves us very much and he wants us to love him also. This is reflected in Jesus’s response to one of the Pharisees who asked him which is the greatest commandment. Jesus responded that the first and greatest commandment is to love God (Matt. 22:34-39).

When you love someone, you show the person how much you love him or her with your thoughts, words, and deeds. For example, you think the best about the person and you share your thoughts with him or her. You speak highly of the person, have good conversations with him or her, do special things for or with him or her, and enjoy quality time together. Whenever you do something for that person, you do it joyfully and with a smile, and you praise that person when you notice good things about him or her. You be and do your best for and with that person. You can do these things and much more for and with God.

Love God more

As you love God more, you will think about him more often and more highly, and you will express your love for him more. Words cannot adequately express how much I love God! I sincerely hope you love God too. If not, I pray that one day, you also will be able to feel and say the same about God.

I tell God I love him every day and I pray to love him more. I hope you do or will do likewise because when you do, you will obey him, make more progress in life, and enjoy your life even more. The best parts of my days are when I spend quality time with God. The more I spend quality time with God, the more I enjoy my life. I pray the same for you.

Love your neighbor as yourself

While putting God first and loving him as much as possible should always be our number one priority in life, Jesus also reminded us that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves, which is the second greatest commandment (Matt: 22:39). He did not just say, “Love your neighbor,” meaning those near to us and with whom we come in contact. He said we ought to love our neighbor as ourselves, indicating that we must also love ourselves.

Always love yourself

It is sad how many people do not love themselves. They do not think or speak well of themselves and they do not value or treat themselves well. They do not realize how valuable they are to God. Besides, sometimes they lash out at others and do cruel things to them. Some of these people live miserable lives and they try to make others miserable because they do not love themselves and they do not love others. Don’t let that be you.

You are a child of God. Always love yourself as much as you can because God loves you very much and his Holy Spirit lives in you. Appreciate, value, respect, and take good care of yourself. Focus on all aspects of yourself – spirit, body, and soul. When you truly love yourself, you may find it much easier to love others, and you will make more progress in life.

What about difficult people?

It can be a challenge to love some people, especially the difficult ones, but love them anyway. Why love difficult people? Because they too have the Spirit of God within them. Sometimes they may do things to hurt you, but it could be an evil spirit working through them. They may be going through difficult times and need our understanding, support, and love.

If you find it difficult to love God, yourself and others, pray about it. God always answers prayers. If you pray for the ability to focus more on love and to love much, God will answer your prayer. Wherever you are in life, always try to love God, yourself and others much. Love is free and when you love much, you will make more progress in life, and you will enjoy your life more. Therefore, focus more on love!

Excerpt adapted from Enjoy Your Life to the Max: 31 Free or Inexpensive Things You Can Do.

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