Christian Love

Christian Love

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Bernard Brady has given us a rare, delightful, and thought-provoking book - a volume that belongs on the desk or the bed-stand of anyone in search of the rich and varied dimensions of Christian love. Christians are taught that God is love and are commanded to love their neighbors and their enemies. These truths are not controversial. What is controversial and indeed has been controversial throughout the history of Christianity, is the meaning of this love. This book explores the tradition of Christian reflection on the meaning - and experience - of love, loving, and being loved.

Many books have been written about Christian love, but no book has gathered together this kind of primary source material and covered such a wide range of perspectives, allowing the listener to engage directly with the thought and experience of some of the greatest Christian minds on the topic of love. Bernard Brady covers with remarkable clarity the breadth and depth of discussions on Christian love, from the Bible to contemporary experience, to create this - a survey of how Christians through the ages have understood love.

The book is published by Georgetown University Press.


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