The +77 Most Powerful Relaxation Prayers To Calm Your Mind & Thoughts

The +77 Most Powerful Relaxation Prayers to Calm Your Mind & Thoughts

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Would you like to feel completely relaxed, but don't know how? Would you like to let go of your worries and simply enjoy God's peace? Most likely, you do. Emphatically. What if we told you the answer has been there with you all this time? Odds are, you know deep inside what the path to serene days is. The answer is within the Bible. The answer is prayer. The problem? You might feel like you don't know where to start, or you may need some inspiration. And that's exactly why we created this prayer book.

Relaxation Prayers + Daily Habit = a Better You

We all know it's not easy to feel tranquil every single day. But what you might not realize is it's fairly easy to set the stage for a calm day with just a few key actions. The essence of daily prayer is to elevate our heart to Jesus and ask him to guide us on our journey, building a ritual that you can follow on a daily basis.

Relaxation prayers work because you eliminate the stress of relying on your own strength to get through your day. Your goal is to simply focus on a single prayer at a time (they only a take few minutes to listen to). You start by listening to an inspirational Bible verse, and then you move on to a prayer. All you have to do is listen to this audiobook and follow it at your own pace. That's the essence of daily prayer.


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