The Kneeling Christian

The Kneeling Christian

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Since its first publication, The Kneeling Christian has helped hundreds of thousands of believers discover the key to God's treasure house of blessing. This classic book on prayer, written sometime before the 1930s, answers the most basic and often-asked questions Christians have about prayer: "How shall I pray?" "What is prayer?" "Must I agonize?" "Does God always answer prayer?" "Who may pray?"

And we may approach His glory with boldness. Did not our Lord pray that His disciples might behold His glory? (John 17:24). Why? And why is "the whole earth full of His glory"? The telescope reveals His infinite glory. The microscope reveals His uttermost glory. Even the unaided eye sees surpassing glory in landscape, sunshine, sea and sky. What does it all mean? These things are but a partial revelation of God's glory.


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